Quality is Convincing
The quality of our product is a process, which begins from the raw material selection and testing of all manufacturing operations. By choosing such special standards, we lay the foundation for the durability and quality of our products, which in turn guarantees that only flawless products leave our factory. Highly modern production techniques, including robotic-controlled processing centers as well as fully automatic forming- and hardening equipment, ensure a modern and efficient production process. Our mission is to plan, build and commercialize products, of high quality and maximum safety, by applying to our processes a rigorous internal system of quality assurance and pursuing the continuous improvement through an activity of research, development and constant control and selection of the raw materials.

Today, Mycosoil products are appreciated by farmers and contractors throughout the world. Wherever they are found, our products will continue the heritage of quality and durability associated with the Mycosoil name for generations to come.

Our Goal
Focus on the Customer

With our agricultural equipment, we aim to make an important contribution towards the harvest success and the improvement of our customers´ income. Better working results, long service life, and convenient operation are the decisive criteria for our research and development work. Mycosoil excels due to a close relationship with its customers.

Research & Development

Research and Development is fundamental for Mycosoil. R&D is tasked with designing, developing and testing all technical solutions that will enable future agricultural equipment to be even more efficient and productive, safer and more comfortable, as well as more environmentally friendly and easier to use.

Our Quality Objectives
  • To meet the stated and implied needs of the customer and the customer of customer
  • The offer excellent after-sales services
  • To insure the customer gets value for his money and be able to make business and profit on his investment
  • To monotor and adhere to deliver schedule
  • Doing thingd right the first time
  • Setting industry standards through Mycosoil products
  • Having a long-term vision; at least 10 years for sustainable growth of the organization and industry
  • Growth through continued education