The specialist for professional farming
For more than 50 years, Mycosoil has been leading the way in providing Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of agricultural equipment and its replacement parts that truly make a difference. From the very beginning Mycosoil has been a synonym for agricultural equipment and bio-fertilizer of only the highest quality. Mycosoil continuously rolls out with unique and innovative solutions for its customers, helping them achieve success, increase profitability and above all keep them satisfied and coming back for more. Over the decades, Mycosoil has come to be acknowledged as a reliable partner, thanks to its distinct commitment to quality and its global presence.

Today, our company is still privately held and family-owned, meaning we can always move quickly along with the changing needs of our customers while staying focused on what really matters. We have seen great many changes in our business, products and our services. Change always comes with opportunity, and Mycosoil has always been ready and willing to embrace it.

Technical diversity, multiple brands, and global distribution strength are the keys to Mycosoil’s growth strategy. Major market share positions in key agricultural markets of the world have been achieved by our strong focus on customer service, leading edge technology and a dealer network of over 150 independent dealers and distributors across the world.

Corporate Values
What Mycosoil stands for.
Innovative Products: Working on Technologies of Tomorrow.

The intelligence and enthusiasm to resolve complex challenges perfectly and make new discoveries along the way make us stand out from the crowd. Knowledge, engineering pedigree, commitment and perseverance, as well as the competencies that go hand in hand with these qualities, characterize the passion for research that has made Mycosoil an outstanding and innovative group, and that guarantees us a clear competitive edge in the long term.

Quality Leadership: We strive to get even better.

If it's made by Mycosoil it has to be the best. This never-ending demand is based on quality leadership that already exists or that we must achieve in future. In whichever areas we are involved, we fulfill this ambition through quantifiable, transparent quality goals, and open dialogue with our customers and partners. This enables us to deliver the performance we promise and thereby enhance our customers' trust in us.

Customer Focus: We offer integrated solutions.

We understand that a customer's profitability also has an affect on our business performance. Our efforts are therefore focused on increasing our customers' levels of success. And because we always apply networked approaches to complex processes, we can work in a solution-oriented way to make improvements for our customers throughout the value chain. This gives us a clear performance advantage over other manufacturers.